Wine And Design Event

Wine and design is the event in the abroad which let you to drink the wine before you design or paint something. This is very good because this event will let you to paint when you are tipsy or drunk. What becomes the surprise from this event because you will amaze when you see your painting when you are drunk. This will be different from the normal way to paint.

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What should you do in wine and design event?

For the first, you just come into the room with many people. After that the instructor will let you to bring snack and also wine. You are permitting to drink a glass of wine while you are painting or designing. The instructor will guide you to paint. You do not need to worry about your painting result.

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My Design And WineSize: 716 x 960

Wine And Design AnnapolisSize: 1500 x 1125

Wine And Design Art BuzzSize: 2592 x 1936

Wine And Design CouponSize: 980 x 490

Wine And Design NcSize: 2064 x 1161

What make this event is so interesting?

People are very fun and enjoy when they have to paint or designs something while they are drunk. Beside that you can make your own group so that you will free from the stress with people you love. This will make the event is very interesting. This event is designed to make your party will be very attractive.