Trebuchet Design, The Inspirations Of Modern Artillery

Trebuchet designs are appear in the Middle Ages. Trebuchet is a wood works which used as catapult when army is trying to siege in the Middle Ages wars. The trebuchet siege engine has other name like counterpoise trebuchet or counter weight trebuchet, this kind of catapult is different from its predecessor the traction trebuchet which use human power to make the mechanism works. Most of this engineering is made in huge wood works.

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The using of trebuchet designs

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This siege engine can fly stone or other materials as projectiles which have weight of 160 kg to the enemy strong hold to break the fortifications. This weapon been used by Moslem and Christian army in the Mediterranean area dated 12th century and still has serve its duty until 15th century.

Rediscovery of trebuchet designs

The Early trebuchet design has been lost since the early of 16th century. Later in the 18th century some French engineers are trying to rebuild the lost trebuchet based on the documents dated 1324. This trebuchet engine was used as great weapon to siege fortification which very hard to break with ordinary skirmishes. The trebuchet helps the infantry to break the enemy strong hold and concentrations. The concept of trebuchet inspires modern artillery.

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