The Transformation After Zooey Deschanel Plastic Surgery

zooey deschanel plastic surgery can be believed as a true rumor. It is because the American actress and musician has been captured that she has different look now. She is now 33, but she still looks as young as when she was 20. Even though she totally denied the rumor, but it never stops the people from speculating the truth of the rumor.

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The transformation after zooey deschanel plastic surgery

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Many people have acknowledged that there are some transformations on the appearance of Zooey Deschanel. Let’s get it started from her lips which look better and fuller than before. It makes people think that she got lip implant. Then, the shape of her nose recently has changed to be straighter and she also has a more narrow bridge. Furthermore, she has been alleged to have a breasts implant because in several opportunities her busts look fuller than before.

The analysis from the expert of plastic surgery

Even though people believe that Zooey Deschanel has had some of cosmetic procedures. But, there is something funny about it, which is there is no expert that can really find out whether the transformations Zooey Deschanel are the natural changes or something fake. So, in case she did plastic surgery, it means that the plastic surgeon has done his job successfully.