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White Gold Mens Wedding Bands Design

White gold mens wedding bands can be the next option for the wedding band. Since the number of the options for wedding bands is various and every day it is getting more and more, people are now collecting the wedding band design as their social status or their lifestyle. You can imagine the higher the price of the wedding band can show the owner is the reach people. For this white gold, it can describe the status of the owner and the glamour and luxurious style as the rich accent and elegant decoration of the wedding party.

White Gold Mens Wedding Bands Ideas

The wedding will not be completed without the presence of the wedding band. The wedding is also not completed without the lifestyle and personality about design where it can show their lifestyle and the status social to show to the guests or public. Therefore, the wedding of the usual people will be different with the royal family. For this white gold wedding band, it can also show the high social status for the groom since the price of the band is quite expensive. Sure if it is added with other rich jewelries and designed by the famous wedding band designer.

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White Gold Wedding Bands Meaning

As the common people will say about the meaning of the wedding band is as a symbol of the strong bond where it cannot be broken. The white color is a symbol of the purity where they hope their love will remain pure to the end. And gold is a symbol of the rich, perfection and glamour style, and they hope their family later in the future is as strong and as perfect as the gold by the meaning. Therefore, there are other wedding bands that are made and designed with certain meanings.

The Timeless Motifs Of Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings have a classic design that is very unique and different from other ring motif. It is identic with intricate Celtic motif that has a strong character. It is usually worn as engagement and wedding rings. What is interesting about the design is it is not made by machine but homemade. Therefore, the price of the ring is usually more expensive than general rings. It is very thick with cultural nuances of the Celtic nations. The design is carved shaped model centered with a crown in the middle. The ring is often referred as traditional classical ring of Ireland.

Irish Wedding Rings with Diamonds

The engraving on the ring hand symbolizes sincerity, love and long lasting friendships. Meanwhile, the engraving of a crown in the middle symbolizes fidelity for a relationship. Wearing this ring is like wearing an antique heirloom of millions years old. The couples who choose this ring are usually those who have a very strong committed of love. It has several designs that can be chosen based on the tastes of each couple. There is a regular model with wide shape without any decoration. This ring is usually made ​​of titanium or white gold that carved circular. Its design is universal and suitable for both man and woman. Meanwhile, a more glamorous ring usually uses a diamond crown. The more diamonds studded on it, the more expensive its price.

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Irish Wedding RingsSize: 600 x 600


Gaelic Engraving on Wedding Rings

Gaelic carving is considered simpler than Celtic’s. Its models are usually in circular shapes that merge each other. There is a ring made from silver, gold or white gold. All of them have the unique characteristics. This carving symbolizes the sanctity of marriage vows spoken by the bridal couple. There is also the bands design with a blend of white and yellow gold. This design is very elegant and will make your fingers look more stunning.

Engraved Wedding Bands For The Holy Bonding

Engraved wedding bands are the wedding rings that use the engrave pattern as the wedding rings’ surface. As the wedding ring, this kind of wedding ring is expensive because of the function as the bonding symbol of the brides and also beautiful in looks. There are so many people who want to look different with the other wedding rings that have been existed before. Sometimes the rings that ordered as the wedding rings must be engraved with the brides own wants. Based on the engrave pattern, the price will be as expensive as the complicated pattern which make the rings looks beautiful and awesome.


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Engraved Wedding Bands Designs

In case of the designs of wedding rings, the ring itself is created in common shape. However, there are some things that make the rings different. The first is about the engrave pattern. There are three kinds of rings that created in using the engraving way of making the rings. The first is the rings that are engrave on the outside ring surface. The second is the pattern of the rings that made under the ring surface. And the third is the rings that are totally engraved by the ring maker.


Wedding Rings as the Symbol

In a wedding, of course this is the process where the man and the woman become a new family after doing the wedding ceremony. In the wedding ceremony itself, the wedding rings have the important role. As the symbol of a couple’s bounding, the wedding rings becomes the obligation that cannot be denied. As the bonding symbol, many people that order them wedding rings in using engraved style. Some habits that used as many people choices about the engraved rings are engrave the ring’s surface with their name or even just the date of the wedding ceremony. The engraved wedding rings is very good as the appearance, however you must know the meaning of this symbol is.

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Wooden Wedding Rings Design

Wooden wedding rings can be the best choice for the wedding couple who love a nature. It is an eco-friendly wedding ring that keeps the nature alive and it is socially responsible. This is a good example to the awareness for the nature. It is unique, creative and also sweet and romantic. The romanticism cannot be bought by the higher price and luxurious design but it is growth by the high and much love to grow the strong love bond. Therefore, usually a wedding couple with this ring will be well appreciated by the guests and the nature.

Wooden Wedding Rings Ideas

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This wedding ring can be worn for any wedding design and theme. It can be in rustic, traditional, rich or even the glamour and luxurious wedding decoration. It is because the nature element and accent can afford to any occasions and designs of the wedding decoration. For the design, there is the pure wooden ring where it is made by wooden. So both the color and the smell it is like a wood. There is also the other option that combines the wooden material and with other material like gold and other right materials. Here, the wooden will be just the accessories to complete the presentation with the accent of nature.

Wooden Wedding Rings with Diamonds Accent

Going with the nature doesn’t mean you will not get stylish and the glamour. Combining the rich accent and the wooden element by wooden ring with diamonds can be the best selection because it is still having the eco-friendly component but also keeping the rich and glamour accent of the wedding decoration and design. The presentation is very beautiful and amazing by the design and pattern. So, no wonder if this can be the right choice for the nature lovers or the couple who love the wooden accent.

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Jared Wedding Rings Design

Jared wedding rings look stylish and rich. It can be the right option for the glamour wedding theme and design. Today, an option of the rich and luxurious wedding ring is not only as the symbol of the wedding but it is more than a symbol, it is the lifestyle and the level of the social status of the wedding couple. Coming up with the rich material and combined with the beautiful art and design, Jared ring for wedding can attract more couples to wear. It is the symbol of eternity and beauty. It can be also as the symbol of perfection.

Jared Wedding Rings Ideas

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So, if the wedding theme is about glamour and luxury, the option to wear only the luxurious style both the wedding dress and the ring, it can create a beautiful view when the ceremony is started. This wedding ring is made by high material with the rich accent where it is designed for only the perfection of the wedding. It is dedicated to the happiest couple who love the glamorous style. Although there are other styles and design of the wedding ring that have the same accent but the design of Jared is different. It is more than just a beauty.

Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Design

Therefore, selecting the engagement wedding ring should consider about the design and the meaning. The wedding ring is not only as the complement component in the wedding or just as a symbol but it is the hope of the wedding couple to the better future. Therefore, going with the luxurious and glamorous wedding design is the right way to have a better future to hope. Jared wedding is very beautiful designed by the professional wedding ring designers that combine the beauty and perfection into one design. Jared ring for the wedding is perfect.

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Tips In Choosing Womens Wedding Bands

Womens wedding bands are things that may need extra consideration in making wedding ring, since there are lots of material that are made as wedding bands, whether gold, platinum, titanium, white gold or others. This is one of wedding preparation that you have to be done to get perfect wedding. The right choice of wedding bands will determine the comfort while wearing in the future. Therefore, to get the right wedding bands for womens, there are some steps that can be followed.

Tips in Choosing Womens Wedding Bands

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Determining wedding bands can be difficult to do. Tthere are lots of kinds of bands that can be choose, but how to get the right bands quality? Since women need something feminine or sometimes want to wear something that looks luxury, the first thing that has to do is decide the type of wedding bands based on the taste. There some themes of bands, such as party bands, cover bands and everything. In this case, you have to think carefully to choose wedding bands which fits on you. Second, you have to know about great type of wedding bands. You can search and get information through wedding magazine, internet or jewelry shop. You have to see the acts of women wedding bandsthrough the video on the internet. It will help you in determining the quality.

On Budget Wedding Bands

Adjust the bands with your budget, do not impose yourself to get expensive wedding bands, you can get the cheap one with similar quality. If you are willing to make yellow gold as traditional wedding bands, but the budget does not meet, you can change into silver. If you want get the popular women wedding bands, you can choose platinum as the alternative or titanium and tungsten in the jewelry.

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Pink Camo Wedding Rings Design

Pink camo wedding rings are coming with the beautiful and luxury design as the wedding ring. Yup, everything about a wedding will be more wonderful one as the wedding is one of the best and most romantic day in one’s life then everything about the wedding like the decoration, dress and also the ring will go with the romantic, sweet, most valuable, and unforgotten design and ideas. This ring is not only about the beauty when it is worn but also about the high social status of the owner or the wedding couple and this is what makes this ring as favorite.

Pink Camo Wedding Rings Ideas

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When the wedding is coming, the wedding couple will prepare many things. For the ring choice, although there are many options to go with the one that is glamour, luxurious, simple or even the cheaper one, the presence of the camo wedding ring with pink color cannot be ignored as beautiful wedding ring where the rich people will need to consider. This is a beautiful wedding ring by the design and the pattern and it is also it is a precious wedding ring by the material and meaning because it is designed with real diamond.

Camo Wedding Rings with Real Diamonds Design

Indeed, that is true that this wedding ring is not only about beauty but also about the richness of the wedding couple as the high status of the social and lifestyle. Glamour, luxury, and rich accent is the presentation of this camo wedding ring with real diamond. Diamond is still as the top of accessories for the precious moment. If this wedding ring is designed by the famous wedding ring designer, then the meaning and the name of camo wedding ring will be completed. It is beautiful and sweet by the pink color accent as the presentation.

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Black Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Black tungsten wedding bands is the right choice for man to show his masculinity. This is a kind of future jewelry for man to show durability and strength. The black color of tungsten symbolizes the sophistication and power which is really suitable for men in order to show their characteristic

Great Designs of Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

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Man and black are the combination that cannot be separated. Black is the symbol of power and strength of a man in order to show the masculinity. As well as the daily activity of a man that almost use black as the best partner of life, some of men also use black as their wedding ring style. If some of you want to follow the previous men who use black as the worth wedding ring, here we provide you some styles of black tungsten rings. The first style is storm design with 8 mm, it is designed with two tone black tungsten. The wedding band is very sleek and stylish with silver color touch which is circled on the ring surface. To get this wedding ring, you have to pay $270.00. To make you more stylish and stand in different style, there is Abyss 8mm of black tungsten carbide ring and blue carbon fiber. This is a kind of futuristic wedding ring for man with blue fiber strips on the center circle of the ring. Get this fascinating wedding ring with $299.00.


How to Confirm Tungsten Ring Size

When you buy a ring, the first thing you have to do is measure the size of finger. Here there are some steps you can do when you consider to buy ring to confirm the size. First, use the rope to measure the finger. You need to lightly circle the rope to your finger on the end of finger, the rope should not be too loose. Second, mark the size on the rope by pen. Then, measure the length with ruler to get exact size.

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Mens White Gold Wedding Bands Design

Mens white gold wedding bands are talking about the purity and loyalty. It is the perfect symbol f the wedding bond and eternal love. Yup, there are many other meanings for the wedding ring for the groom. The meaning and hope of the ring is not only as a symbol of the love and wedding. Therefore, every design and ideas of the wedding ring can have its own beauty and meaning. White gold band is not only about the perfection but also it is a symbol of the cleanliness and purity. At the wedding the ring will be looked at by many guests.

Mens White Gold Wedding Bands Beauty

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Then what is the special thing about this wedding band? First, it is made of the white gold. White gold has been known as the perfect material for the jewelry both man and women. It is because the white presentation is much better than the yellow gold where it is in common perception of many people. Second is about the accent of the white color. The white color is the symbol of the purity, honesty and eternal. It is perfect for the wedding’s hope. Third is about the beautiful design and pattern. The wedding band beauty can come from the design and pattern that is designed and patterned by expert band designer.

Mens White Gold Wedding Bands with Diamonds Design

So, there are more beauties of this wedding band that can be achieved by the groom at the wedding. Furthermore if he also wears a white wedding dress, it looks more interesting and attractive. The last is about the design of the white gold band. There is also the design that this band is applied with the diamond. It can be more wonderful wedding band ever if the beauty of the white gold is combined with the diamond where every jewelry lovers has understood well about the accent and beauty of the diamond.

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Antique Wedding Rings For Your Wedding

Antique wedding rings have been the choice for people who want to make their wedding to be different and more elegant. As the moment that will happen once for a lifetime, wedding needs to be celebrated beautifully. Every part of the wedding has to be prepared to make it unforgettable. Having an unforgettable wedding can be shown by having unique and valuable wedding ring for this special moment. There are so many wedding ring designs you can choose for this moment, but why do you have to choose the antique one? The answer is that antique rings will give you a certain elegant feeling for your wedding.

Designs of Antique Wedding Rings

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There are some sub designs of this wedding ring. Antique wedding rings are usually made from rose gold. The difference between this kind of gold and the common gold lays in its beautiful colour. Rose gold has a burst of red on its surface, providing a beautiful colour for you to choose. The antique ones are also made from common gold and even the white gold. The thing which makes this wedding ring design distinctive with any other design lays on its design and the diamond. Antique design usually gets big diamonds. It also gets many diamonds used on it.

Wedding Rings for Antique Wedding Design

Antique wedding design will make you get many things related to this design. When you choose the wedding ring design, you can get many references. You can directly contact the jewellery store or you can even use your own ring design to be used as the custom design for your wedding. This exclusive design is necessary to use to make your wedding ring exclusive and different from any wedding ring design. Since there are so many choices for you to get the best wedding ring, you have to choose it wisely.

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