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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers – Personalize The Couple Figure

Custom wedding cake toppers are made for you who want to hold memorable wedding ceremonial. Since wedding is a word that really sacred for the groom and the bride. By this word, their love is declared and tied to be as one in sacred promise. Besides of wedding ring that is important in wedding ceremonial, there is also another component that cannot be resisted while celebrating the wedding ceremony after blessing time which is wedding cake. Nowadays, wedding cake is made in innovative and creative design. One of them is creating toppers. The toppers are made resemble with the couple character to personalize each figure. Thus, your wedding cake will be more special and your wedding cake cutting moment becomes more memorable.

Tips in Making Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

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To make your wedding cake to be more memorable and special, you have to order your topper character far days before the wedding day, at least 2 weeks before the day. You can make any character you want based on your taste with any poses you want. The professional wedding cake topperwill grant your wish to make unique topper for your wedding ceremonial from head to toe. Moreover, the professional will make the character topper similar with your order based on your photo and make the topper match with your wedding theme.

Samples of Cake Toppers

To give you some detail description, here we go some samples of wedding cake toppers you can choose. The first is beach cake toppers, this topper uses beach as the main theme and personalized the groom totes the bride over the sand. To get this topper you can pay $159.95. The other one is game over cake toppers, it personalize the couple who play game, the groom is lying on the floor and leaning on the bride’s leg, while the bride wears beautiful white wedding dress and stands while holding roses. Get this ready topper with $174.95.

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The Passionate Purple Wedding Cakes

Purple wedding cakes will be more beautiful if decorated with the right ornaments. This cake is usually presented as a complement to a wedding that uses the concept of purple. Purple become the main color of the wedding dress, room decor, wedding cake, favors and wedding invitations. Why choose the purple? It is because purple has an elegant and mysterious character. Marriage with purple concept will give a very different feel than the all-white wedding. Furthermore, wedding cakes are usually in round or square shape. Ribbon and a flower ornaments must be existed on purple cake.

White and Purple Wedding Cakes

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Purple is a color that actually fit combined with any bright colors. However, on wedding cake, white become the most mismatched pair to the purple. The combination of two colors not only looks nice, but also very hypnotizing. Determine its model first, whether round or square. If it is round, you can choose a tower cake model with a rather high pile. Choose white as the basic decoration and dark purple ribbon winding. Additionally, butterfly ornament placed at the peak can also sweeten the whole cake.


Full Flower Cake Decorations

Beautiful purple cannot be separated from the role of flowers that decorate it. Although it is always identic with orchids, you can still use other types of ornamental flowers such as roses. Rose always exudes a magnificent and romantic impression. Decorate each pile with a sprinkling of purple roses on it or you can decorate the cake with tiny flowers ornament that is placed diagonally along surface of the cake. In addition, you can choose the square cake in gift box shape with purple ribbon or frosting roses on the top. Do not forget to decorate the cake with carved decoration on the whole sides. The degradation of bright to dark purple can also apply in decorating your wedding cake.

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Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Beautiful Wedding

Monogram wedding cake toppers are new innovation for you who want to have new concept of your wedding. You can choose this wedding decoration for being your wedding cake decoration. This will make your wedding cake unique and different. You can combine beautiful cake with this kind of decoration. This kind of wedding cake decoration is made by having beautiful initial of you and your partner for making your wedding cake looks different. Choose the monogram cake toppers with beautiful design like you can choose the one with glitters for more attractive look. So, are you ready to make your wedding cake to be most beautiful one?

Choosing Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

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When you are choosing your wedding cake decoration, you can get many references for the design. For you who want to use wedding cake toppers, you can suit the design with the toppers you use. Having beautiful cake toppers are recommended for the moment like wedding. The key of decorating your wedding cake with cake toppers is that you cannot get too many decorations on your cake or it will not be beautiful. You can get the beautiful and full decoration for the bottom side of the cake, but you have to choose the simple design for its top side.

Wedding Cake Designs for You

There are so many wedding cake designs you can choose for your wedding. Since there are so many improvements and designs to be offered, you can get the best for you to be chosen. You can also choose its colour and flavour. When you want to decorate the cake with cake toppers, you are recommended to choose simple yet beautiful wedding cake design. For example, you can choose cake which is designed beautifully with cream designed to be like the rose petals. Choose only a colour tone for making it more beautiful.

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Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Rustic wedding cake can be the wedding cake design for the rustic wedding theme and decoration. Although there are many options of the cake design in the rustic wedding decoration and ideas, the accent and presentation of the rustic cake design for the wedding still being a favorite. It is because the presentation is very dramatic, warm and beautiful. It is just like the accent of the rustic ideas. There is no special shape and design for this cake appearance. It is just about the presentation and decoration that looks different. Usually, this cake design will be close with the brown color as rustic style.

Rustic Wedding Cake Design

The cake design or shape may look in traditional wedding cake shape where it will have a multilevel part by pyramid shape. But the decoration will be different. There is the cake with the wood accent or skin that is applied as the edge of the cake. So, the cake will look have the wood skin. It is beautiful. It can be also by adding the fall leaves of the surface of the cake with the rustic style. Rustic style is close to nature especially for the fall characteristics like the brown wood, brown leaves and more.

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Rustic Wedding Cake StandSize: 1200 x 1600

Country Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

The last is about the toppers ideas for the rustic cake. For the toppers there are many options that can be applied. It can be a chocolate that is made and decorated as dried trees or leaves, there is also just about the picture of the family home with rustic style and many more. Here, it needs the creativity to show and design. You may need the inspirations from the magazine or internet before you choose your own style and design as the toppers. The more creative, it can make the more interesting accent and feeling.

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Wedding Shower Cakes Design

Wedding shower cakes will complete and perfect the wedding ceremony. Without the cake, the wedding will be flat or tasteless. It is because the cake for the wedding is not only as the complement element but also it is a symbol and hope for the wedding couple. Usually the wedding cake will be designed and decorated with the same design and decoration of the wedding hall or place and also the wedding dress. Therefore, for the design and the presentation, it depends on the decoration and theme or wedding design that is applied.

Wedding Shower Cakes Ideas

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Wedding Shower CakesSize: 800 x 600

There are a lot of wedding cakes design and ideas that can be selected. Every design of the cake has its own beauty, character and meaning and feeling. Therefore, the wedding couple cannot just let the wedding cake designer to create the cake with the feeling of the designer without saying about the desire. And for the worst is buy the wedding cake in the wedding cake bakery without looking carefully of the design and decoration of the cake. But remember this, just because the cake price is cheaper or expensive one it doesn’t mean that cheaper is worst and the expensive is better. All depends on the way to take the point of the view.

Wedding Shower Cakes Designs Shape

There are many shapes and ideas of the wedding cake that can be tried and shaped for the cake. The common shape is the square and pyramid shape. Sure, it depends on the style and accent of the cake that the wedding couple is loved. Get by your own desire and do not let any other people can change your mind after this. It is because the cake design is not only about the shape and color or hope but also it is as the symbol of the love bond.

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Cute And Romantic Touch Of Cake Toppers For Weddings

Cake toppers for weddings are creative wedding cake creation which can be memorable cake in holding a wedding party. Holding a wedding party will not be complete without wedding cake. Wedding cake is a kind of a must that make wedding to be festive. This is also one of unforgettable menu of wedding party, moreover ceremonial of cutting wedding cake to be awaited case. There are lots of models and design of wedding cake, the concept of cake is usually made by the couple to show their love and represent their characteristic. The topper of cake is made resemble with the couple which is placed over the cake.

Memorable Wedding with Cake Topper for Wedding

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This is one of a kind wedding cake ever, since it reflected the romance of the couple. Your perfect moment will be more perfect while seeing your character stand on the cake nicely. Besides of that, your character which is made to be topper will look really cute with any actions you do. The most widely made of topper is bride and groom toper with cute expression using wedding dress and wedding suit. However, you have to remember that making wedding cake is not only about the cute topper but also the taste of the cake, since it will be enjoyed by the guests. Meanwhile, making cake topperis not as simple as usual tart cake, it needs some complex design. Therefore you have to order the cake long before the day, at least two weeks earlier.


Sample of Couple Cake Topper

As the sample of cute and romance weddings cake topper, here is a character coupe design. It is named balloon wedding cake topper design with leaning for a kiss. This is really cute where the couple goes forward to kiss each other. The bride wears beautiful wedding gown and hold a balloon on the back. Dimensions is 18cm w x 6 cm d x14xm h. Get this cute topper with $49.98 USD.

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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers That Look Beautifully Personalized

Cake topper is the detail on your cake that will be the focal point that you need custom wedding cake toppers to make it look exclusive with personalized custom design. This is the detail that you need to prepare if you want something different for your wedding. With more choices available for wedding cake, you will find specific design that make a wedding cake look stunning with amazing design of cake topper such as the figurines or some other personalized details that will look different for your wedding cake.

Possible Designs of Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding Cake Toppers ArmySize: 1500 x 1125

Wedding Cake Toppers DiySize: 858 x 1173

The cake topper for your wedding cake that designed as custom topper will personalize your wedding cake in a different way. The first option that you can find for a custom wedding cake topper is the design of cake topper doll. The doll that can be designed according to groom and bride will be a beautiful cake topper that you can have for a wedding cake. You will also find that some of those stores are already available with gorgeous poses for a wedding topper in which you can easily personalize the doll with your face. This is the idea that will make your wedding cake look more beautiful.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for a Stunning Wedding Cake

With those wedding cake toppers that prepared to look beautiful with custom detail, you will also have a unique touch that makes it look exclusive as well. My Memory Dolls is one of those places where you can get custom wedding topper in a doll. This is the idea of custom cake topper that will look amazing for your wedding cake. With specific option available at this place, you will be able to order your custom wedding topper in various designs.

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