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Cute Monkey Theme Birthday Party

Monkey themed birthday party might be considered for your little boy birthday party. There are so many inspirations for birthday party come from animals. One of them is monkey. Monkey is an attractive animal that has a cute face. You can choose monkey to be the theme to decorate the room for your little boy birthday party.

Forest Table Decoration for Monkey Themed Birthday Party

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One thing that you should do to increase the looks of the room for held the birthday party is about the decoration of the main table. Main table has the important functions to place some things such as the birthday cake, birthday wishes, and gifts. In order to make the table looks interesting and has the harmony looks with the monkey theme, you can decorate the table with forest concept. Why? Because forest is the place for the monkey to live.

Complete with Cute Monkey Birthday Cake

It is important for you not to forget about the birthday cake. Birthday cake is very important. You cannot make a perfect birthday celebration without a presence of birthday cake. For the monkey themed party concept, you would be better to choose the same theme of birthday cake.

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Bee Baby Shower Theme

Bee baby shower theme is the simple theme for the baby shower celebration. Choosing the good decoration for baby shower celebration is not as simple as you think. It is different with choosing the theme for birthday party, or the others celebration. You need to choose a theme which can show your happiness to all people who attend on the celebration. Not only that, you need to choose the theme with the cute things to show that you are waiting a cute baby.

Black and YellowDecorations for Bee Baby Shower Theme

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Baby Shower Bee ThemeSize: 1500 x 843

Bee Baby Shower FavorsSize: 1467 x 1200

Bee Baby ShowerSize: 990 x 541

Bee Themed Baby ShowerSize: 1500 x 1616

Bumble Bee Baby ShowerSize: 800 x 600

The combination of black and yellow color in the stripe pattern will be perfect to decorate the bee theme. Black and yellow are the colors of bee. That is why these colors are the suitable colors for the decoration. You can choose the wall decorations, table cloth, and invitation cards with the color of black and yellow. Do not forget to place some bee dolls to decorate the main table.

Bee Cake and Souvenirs

Choosing the bee theme for the baby shower celebration will make you need a baby shower cake with the bee theme too. It’s easy guys, you do not need to panic because there are so many bee cakes available start from the small size cake up to big size cake. The last thing you need to prepare are the souvenirs. You can give the guests honey for the souvenirs.

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Butterfly Baby Shower Theme

Butterfly baby shower theme for your baby birthday is one of the good ideas that you can choose if you want to make your baby first birthday looks so beautiful and also nice. In fact there are many different types of theme that you can use in your baby birthday. But, this theme is one of the good and also the simple one. So, if you looking for the good theme for your baby birthday but still in the simple way this idea could be the good solution for you.

Simple and Beautiful Birthday Theme Butterfly Baby Shower

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Butterfly Baby ShowerSize: 700 x 700

This baby birthday theme can be the simplest one. But, this theme also looks really beautiful and of course it’ll makes your baby birthday party brings something different than the others. Using this theme also won’t make you spend lots of money. So, if you don’t have much money to make a birthday party for your baby but still want it happen then this birthday theme can be the good and also the perfect choice for you.

Theme for Baby Birthday

There are many different choices of baby birthday theme that you can choose and of course with many different choices it’ll make you feel so confused. But, you don’t have to worry, because if you want to make your baby birthday looks really nice and beautiful choosing the simple baby shower theme could be the good choice for you.


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Superman Birthday Party For Teenager

Superman birthday party theme will be the best theme for boys birthday party. Superman is a legendary superhero which favored by the boys. Of course you want a good concept for your birthday party, right? For you boy who want to celebrate your 15th birthday party, you can use this concept for your birthday party. Not only good, this birthday party concept is also easy to prepare. There are some tips for you to make your birthday party awesome with superman concept.

How to Prepare the Awesome Superman Birthday Party

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Superman Birthday PartySize: 1600 x 1200

First thing that you should do is preparing the decoration for the room. You can buy some wall accessories to be installed to decorate the wall. Then, you need to look for some small accessories to decorate the main table. You do not need too many accessories in miniature shape, because it can make the decoration looks childish. In addition, you can ask for the guests to use the costume and cloth which related with superman for the dress code.

Complete with Superman Birthday Cake

How a birthday can be celebrated without a birthday cake? In order to complete your birthday party, do not forget to buy a birthday cake. Choose the simple birthday cake design will be suitable for your 15th birthday party. Celebrate your birthday and be awesome boy!

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Preparing 1st Birthday Party Themes

1st birthday party themes are very various. However, you should know what the perfect theme for your new baby. Well, if you are still confused about it, you have to know that the birthday party for your new baby is special. Thus, you have to prepare it well. To make it memorable, it does not mean that you must spend a lot of money. You can create amazing birthday party in cheaper way.

Tips to choose 1st birthday party themes

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There are many tips to make the 1st birthday party more fabulous. First, you can create the simple birthday party. Your baby is still afraid to meet stranger people, so you may not invite many people to come to the birthday party. Then, you can choose cute theme like princess, animal, and safari to be applied in the birthday party. Also, you have to choose the theme which is suitable with your budget.

How to prepare 1st birthday party for your lovely baby

When you are preparing a birthday party, you have to decide about many things. First, you should decide the time. Then, you have to decide how many people who will be invited. After that, you must choose cute and unique invitation. Also, do not forget to determine the venue.

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Personalized Your 30 With 30th Birthday Party Themes

30th birthday party themes is chosen because people want to make special party for in their birthday. It is not same as the birthday party which is held for kids, or teen, because the one that make the party now is 30 years old. That age is enough for someone become adult people. When you also turn 30 this year, you should carefully choose the theme for your party because the theme indicates your personality.

Design in 30th birthday party themes

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30th Birthday Gift IdeaSize: 1600 x 1466

30th Birthday Party ThemeSize: 1500 x 1120

With the theme, you also make the decoration in birthday party same as the theme. You cannot carelessly choose the theme because you want be honored by people. The birthday party in 30 years old is a formal party if you ask your relative to come but if you choose informal party, you are also allowed. The party is like a cool atmosphere that you gain in the place where you held the party.

In preparing the party

Birthday party store can help you to prepare the party because from the complete stores, you can choose the party decorating that you need. However, prepare the birthday party is like tiring activity, because you have another activity except preparing the party. Therefore, you can ask the event organizer to prepare the party so you are ready to come to your 30th.

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Finding Nemo Birthday Party From The Movie

Finding Nemo birthday party is a kind of birthday party with the Nemo as the theme. Have you ever seen finding Nemo movie? It is a kind of kids’ movie that your kid ever sees. The kid fell interested with this movie, so your kid want to make the Nemo is found in their birthday party. Because the birthday party is memorable event for your kid, it is better if you show your kid what the party is like.

The kids want finding Nemo birthday party

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Because your kid chooses finding Nemo as it is what your kid wants, you can make a party like this. Finding Nemo movie is a story which is happen in the ocean, so you make the party decoration that looks like ocean atmosphere. For example, the main color in the party venue is blue or ocean color. In the wall, you can decorate the wall with the picture of finding Nemo movie.

The party with Nemo Decorations

Then, you can make the birthday cake for your kid decorated with the finding Nemo picture. Another decoration for the party is you can put the Nemo doll and Nemo’s friend to make the party is more cheerful. There are games related to finding Nemo that can be used in the party, too.

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Cool Sailboat Baby Shower

Sailboat baby shower can be good decoration for baby born party. The decoration is very unique and stunning. Also it will attract guests to be more joyful. It will make the party more festive and different with other party. Furthermore, the decoration is easy to be designed. The decoration is also not expensive so you can apply it easier.

How to make your baby born party with sailboat baby shower decoration

Although the decoration is easy it can be complicated if you decorate without a help from someone. You have to ask baby shower event organizer for helping you decorate the baby shower party. The baby shower event organizer will make some concept but you will be a determiner. You can refuse or accept the concept. By using event organizer, your party will be well-designed and will be more interesting.

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Sailboat Baby ShowerSize: 1500 x 1200

How to make an invitation in the baby shower party

Well, to make the invitation you have to adapt the theme. For example, your decoration theme is sailboat so you have to make an invitation with sailboat nuance. It usually has red and blue color. However, in this case you have to follow the event organizer. It will guide you.

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Curious George Birthday Party Decoration

Curious George birthday party can be your consideration to hold the birthday party for your kids. You should make sure that they will like this decoration for their birthday party. There are many kids like the Curious George cartoon even though the main figure is a monkey but they can learn many things from this cartoon. The cartoon also is very good for kids because it teaches the kids many good things that will happen in the real world.

Curious George Birthday Party Theme

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As you know, the curious George is a monkey and is taken by the yellow hat man. Well, this decoration might to use the combination colors between brown, yellow, or black colors. You just have to make your decoration look more cheerful and create the fun atmosphere with this decoration.

Balloon Decoration

Many people use the balloon for completing the decoration in their birthday party. Thus, you also have chance to use the balloon for this birthday party. In this George decoration, you might to use the yellow balloon that will give more friendly and fabulous. You also can use the huge balloon which has the shape of George, the monkey, or even the yellow hat man for making your birthday party look perfectly.

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Outdoor Candy Themed Birthday Party

Candy themed birthday party, which holds on the outdoor rather than indoor, will become a beautiful surprise for your beloved little girl. It will be more fascinating to see her keeps screaming just imagine how stunning the party will be. Therefore, you better keep watching on your feet, and prepare for everything relate with the candy theme, to make your princess feel so satisfied with your present. However, are you ready to prepare?

Candy Rain for Candy Themed Birthday Party

Since the birthday party will be held on the outdoor, where you can do everything you want to do for free, add some pretty detail for surprising your girl will be a good idea. The surprise can be pour huge in amount of candy from the rooftop of your house, turn it into the rain in candy like. The invitee, and also especially your girl, will be one hundred percent satisfied with your idea. You know, absolutely with no doubt.

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Candy-Candy Outfit for Birthday Party

In the other hand, to strengthen the ambience of the birthday party theme, it will better if you can write down some dress code for the invitee to be worn at the party. For example, ask them to use a candy-like doll, lollypop-like custom or another else. It seems like you held the Halloween sooner than no one.

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