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Camping Themed Birthday Party

Backyard Camping Themed Birthday Party

Camping themed birthday party is brilliant. Everyone would love it, really brilliant. Even kids who do not make camping as their most favourite activities to do, would not reject to have one very special camping moment surrounded by their best friends. Their parents are around, is the plus credit and warranty.

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Backyard Camping Themed Birthday Party

Kids may think that having camping far away from their parents and only surrounded by the wild instead is not really calming heart. But when the camping experience started from birthday party, everything will get different. Kids may ask for more camping. Backyard may be the best location so you can sneak to kitchen whenever there are signs of food supplies running out. Kids may build their own tent, and whoever finishes can go and grab the snack earlier. For those who do not make it, snacks are still available anyway! After all the tents are perfectly set, it is time for music.

Camping Birthday Party without Stay Overnight

Okay. Eventually this is not a real camping. But, camping is not a camping until you stay overnight! No worry, kids nap is the other version of overnight. Besides, who feel interested to sleep when the party is on?

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby shower theme can help you to determine the decorations which you need. Considering that this is a celebration agenda for your beloved baby and you as a new mom, this agenda must to be a great celebration. Welcoming your close relatives and relations with wonderful decorations will awfully please them.

How to choose the right baby shower theme?

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Baby Boy Shower ThemesSize: 900 x 600

Baby Girl Shower ThemesSize: 1915 x 1080

Baby Shower Boy ThemesSize: 1600 x 1200

Baby Shower ThemeSize: 1000 x 669

Baby Shower ThemesSize: 1600 x 1067

Book Themed Baby ShowerSize: 1244 x 829

Boy Baby Shower ThemesSize: 2237 x 1672

Girl Baby Shower ThemesSize: 2048 x 1536

Jungle Theme Baby ShowerSize: 1738 x 1257

Owl Themed Baby ShowerSize: 1600 x 1063

Choosing the theme for baby shower celebration is common to be determined by the upcoming baby’s gender. The theme for boy and girl baby shower is different. Generally, people compare blue to be a boy color and pink to be a girl color theme. That is so conservative, but there is no fault to come after that pattern. You can also pick out the modern or traditional theme.

What have to be prepared for the theme?

After determining the right theme, you will be easy to choose the decoration. You have to prepare décor, ornament, menu, and the room which will support your theme. You have to treat all of your beloved families and friends as well as they want to give their time to attend your baby shower celebration. However after all of the decorations, the future mom is the star of this celebration day. They come to celebrate you as a new mom.

Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Colored Theme

Neutral baby shower is one of the most well-known themes in baby shower occasion. It is simple, yet it has handful goodness on it. Do you want to apply it to? Check this article, out!

Colored Theme of Neutral Baby Shower

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Neutral Baby ShowerSize: 600 x 858

One of the most used baby shower in neutral theme is colored theme. In this theme, the most important things to remember in planning a baby shower are matching it with the taste of the one who want to do it. If you want to, you can match it with your favorite color. For that, you can just base everything off in your baby shower material checklist with the elegant combination of your favorite color. For example, the easiest color you can use is black and white. This type of theme also can save us more money because you can easily find it everywhere. Not only that, you can also get the help from the guest as adding decoration by inviting them with black and white dress code.

The Materials of This Baby Shower

Next, you can’t only just decorate the materials you need in favorite color for the baby shower, but also the food and the decoration. If you go by black and white theme, the food can be using black dinner set and white food, such as white cupcake, rice, etc. For the decoration, search something that will match the theme. For black and white theme, you can go with some decoration like Halloween.

The Unique Baby Shower Concept

Unique baby shower can be your solution when you want to make the baby shower for your new born baby to be more attractive and also suitable with the baby’s cuteness. Choosing the baby shower concept which is unique is important. There are so many concepts which can be chosen for you when you want to hold the baby shower party which will be unforgettable moment for you and your family.

Pinkish Unique Baby Shower for Girls

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Unique Baby Shower CakesSize: 800 x 1066

Unique Baby Shower GamesSize: 1600 x 1200

Unique Baby Shower GiftSize: 1024 x 768

Unique Baby Shower GiftsSize: 1500 x 1169

Unique Baby Shower IdeasSize: 2048 x 1536

Unique Baby ShowerSize: 800 x 600

The baby shower can be the moment where you will make the people around you know your newborn baby. If you have the baby girl you can actually choose to have the baby shower concept in pink. You can also prepare the photographs since you were pregnant until when you get the beautiful baby to make it to be looked more beautiful and also uniquely different,

Boy Baby Shower Concept

The concept for boy’s baby shower should be considered, too. You can choose to have the baby shower which is designed with cartoon figure. Besides, you can also get the domination of blue color. Make the foods and drinks to be in the blue color will also be good for your baby shower party.

Baby Shower Elephant For The Memorable One

Baby shower elephant, which is chosen all in baby blue color, can be considered to be the best present given for the baby shower’s host. The reason is because that the elephant represent your wish for the mom-to-be to be way stronger when she is going to push her baby out of the way to be born, soon. Yet, the baby blue color chosen because depend on the psychological, baby blue can bring peace and calm feeling for everyone who see it.

Baby Shower Elephant in Baby Blue

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Baby Shower ElephantSize: 1000 x 1000

Elephant Baby Shower CakeSize: 1600 x 1071

Elephant Baby ShowerSize: 980 x 722

Pink Elephant Baby ShowerSize: 1000 x 1000

As if you have already sure that you are about to give the baby blue elephant for the mom-to-be, actually you do not need to pay for the elephant doll more than you need as if you know how to make it by yourself. It means you can save more money for living because you can make it by yourself, with a low cost material for the budget. You know that the price not always shows off the pretty-look appearance of something, right?

Baby Shower Present

Since the baby shower mostly held to share each other experience while getting birth, you should choose the suitable present for the mom-to-be without any hesitation. It will be better if you can choose the stuff that the main function can calm down the rush feeling of the mom-to-be when she is waiting for the baby.

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Friendly Monster Themed Birthday Party

Monster themed birthday party will make the kids scream, scream and scream. Relax parents; this is not that spooky scream. The kids are just really happy meeting their favourite monsters. And, no wonder why monsters are kids’ new friends. Today’ monsters are very nice and friendly. Not to mention some of them have a very eye catching style. In sort, monsters of today are kids’ new best friend.

Co-star Monster Themed Birthday Party

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Today monsters have learned a lot about those gender things. Thus, they have adjusted themselves accordingly. Monster girls dress so stylishly, and monster boys’ hats are really cool. These monsters are the co-star at every birthday party, where the main star is surely the birthday kid. With their fun colours, friendly gestures and good hugs, kids will figure out that monsters may have been much misunderstood.

Meet the Friendly Monster

Today, monsters are not sticky or even stinky. And even some of them are with one or three eyes, four or no arms, with tail or even tails, other than those they are perfectly normal. Your kids will not meet these gorgeous fun friendly monsters every day, so do not lose opportunity to be in a frame with them.

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Farm Themed Birthday Party To Farm Boy And Girl

Farm themed birthday party is usual theme which is used in the area of farm. If you live on this area, you can make the birthday party for your kids with this theme. It is because the decoration for the party can be found easily in the farm. You use the farm theme, so all your decoration is about the farm no matter the kind of farm that you want make in the party.

Food and drink in Farm themed birthday party

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This farm themed party consists of farm animals such as chicken, duck, cow, etc. but in the form of doll. Of course if you use real animals, the party will chaotic. You can make a party in this theme and make a food that usually find in the farm. You can prepare pop corn, chocolate pudding, and any kinds for the food. For the drink, you can choose to make a gallon of milk, yogurt, and so on to put in the party. Make that food or drink is easy and does not need much time to make.

Farm party is for fun

Make the party decoration like this is cheap and fun. You can choose the decoration with your kids and prepare another party supplies before the party is held. The farm theme can be made in the birthday party invitation too where you can ask your friend’s kid to wear the clothes in the farm theme.

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Exciting Circus Themed Birthday Party

Circus themed birthday party is on, and everyone would really look it forward. The kids and the parents would both make this birthday party at the top of their week to do list. The best circus group in states has to travel around to meet their fans everywhere, but this little scale circus will ease the miss. Count the days and prepare for the costumes, since the circus is just days ahead.


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Circus Themed Birthday Party to Excite the Neighbourhood

Circus shows in big hall, but even if your birthday venue or your backyard is not that large, you can still deliver a good circus. Bring the magic into real, and you do not have to jump to the circle of fire. Besides, kids would prefer seeing monkeys and puppet. Whatever you are preparing, make it secret since the more it is a secret the more the neighbourhood will feel excited.


Circus that Impress Good

Bringing the best local performers or the best circus group in town? They must have performance both kids and adults will love. If you would love to, you can invite friends and relatives to join you and your birthday kid to the upcoming circus show.



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Colourful Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Carnival themed birthday party will excite all the neighbourhood surrounds. Dresses will be ready long before the day, camera films are full prepared, and cell phone battery will be at its fullest coming to the birthday party. No one wants to miss the merry of the carnival, and when it is their neighbour that hosts it, everything will be more special.

Colourful Carnival Themed Birthday Party

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The stand for popcorns will light the street so that all the invitations will know where the party is, and where the carnival area is. Getting closer to the main point of the birthday party, there may be stand of candies and other sweet. The carnival rings set as the background, with charm colours are all around. Everyone loves carnival because it is full with candies buffets. This will be a totally super sweet birthday party, but eventually the calories will go away since this is also a party with may treat and games.

DIY Carnival Birthday Party

It is not impossible. What are needed are all the relatives to help to make it prepared much better and faster. Besides, throwing colours, setting balloons, who will mind of helping? It is a big party with a merry preparation!

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Decoration And Themes For 16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th birthday party ideas is teenager birthday party. 16th is an age where some is growing mature. It is important time for many people. That is why it is deserve to celebrate. A party can be a form of wish and appreciation for our children in their growth times. There are many themes for 16th birthday that we can be applied in the party. This party themes and decoration should be suitable with taste and children interest.


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Sweet themes for 16th birthday party ideas

A girl loves something sweet, romantic and cool for their birthday party. There are some themes that may represent their taste. Musical themes may be suitable for girl birthday party. In this age, they usually love a group of musical band with various genres. So, the party room should contain musical decoration with pink color as basic color. We can also invite some band to entertain party guest and the host.


Party room decoration for 16th birthday

Party room decoration for 16th should be interesting with colorful decoration. A hanging 16th number as part of decoration should be placed properly. The birthday cakes also should be interesting. A teenager loves anything about music, romantic atmosphere, and cheerful atmosphere. Therefore, parties for 16th birthday have to represent teenager likes.

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