The Timeless Motifs Of Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings have a classic design that is very unique and different from other ring motif. It is identic with intricate Celtic motif that has a strong character. It is usually worn as engagement and wedding rings. What is interesting about the design is it is not made by machine but homemade. Therefore, the price of the ring is usually more expensive than general rings. It is very thick with cultural nuances of the Celtic nations. The design is carved shaped model centered with a crown in the middle. The ring is often referred as traditional classical ring of Ireland.

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Irish Wedding Rings with Diamonds

The engraving on the ring hand symbolizes sincerity, love and long lasting friendships. Meanwhile, the engraving of a crown in the middle symbolizes fidelity for a relationship. Wearing this ring is like wearing an antique heirloom of millions years old. The couples who choose this ring are usually those who have a very strong committed of love. It has several designs that can be chosen based on the tastes of each couple. There is a regular model with wide shape without any decoration. This ring is usually made ​​of titanium or white gold that carved circular. Its design is universal and suitable for both man and woman. Meanwhile, a more glamorous ring usually uses a diamond crown. The more diamonds studded on it, the more expensive its price.

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Gaelic Engraving on Wedding Rings

Gaelic carving is considered simpler than Celtic’s. Its models are usually in circular shapes that merge each other. There is a ring made from silver, gold or white gold. All of them have the unique characteristics. This carving symbolizes the sanctity of marriage vows spoken by the bridal couple. There is also the bands design with a blend of white and yellow gold. This design is very elegant and will make your fingers look more stunning.