The Samoan Designs Tattoo

Samoan designs are the tattoo exclusive scratch.  Tattoo is the most Polynesian word commonly used in the English. The word ‘tattoo’ from Samoa is the debatable topic, but it is definitely that “tattoo” is the modification of “tatua” from Polynesian. Hence, the Samoan tattoos are the original tattoo. The designs have a stereotypically tribal look. The colors are always black, and there is no color. Yet, the Samoan always makes it look exquisite and complex.

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Samoan designs turtle shells-based tattoo

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Samoan Arm DesignsSize: 1463 x 900

Samoan Armband DesignsSize: 1200 x 998

Samoan Art DesignsSize: 1024 x 1024

Samoan Bags DesignsSize: 720 x 960

Samoan Border DesignsSize: 609 x 800

Samoan tattoos have many shells. The designs are mostly turtle base shells. It represents fertility, longevity, wellness, and peace. The sea shells symbolize protection, shield, and intimacy. The ‘Marquesan cross’ symbolizes the balance between the nature different elements.

Shoulder Samoan Tattoo designs

Shoulder Samoan Tattoo covers the entire shoulder and upper bicep like blade design. It has the normal symbols like spirals and swirls to fill in the fissures. The ocean symbol helps the task. The ocean symbolize death to the beyond world, because the Samoan believe that the ocean is the place afterlife. Leg Samoan Tattoo is the stretch through the whole length of calf muscles. It has all Polynesian ocean symbols. The Samoan tattoo is excellent great skill. The diverse symbols are collected to be blend as a beautiful design!

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Samoan patterns,

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