The Multifunctional Of Brother Sister Design Studio Fabric

Besides Batik fabric, brother sister design studio fabric also contains with varieties of colorful color and attractive motifs. Brother Sister Studio fabric is very suitable used by many ages, starts from children, teenager, and adult. There are kinds of motifs that you can choose to install in many things. Commonly, people buy this fabric, and install it to wrap their wallet, binders cover, laptop bags, pillowcases for sofa and bolster, sheets, bags, pencil cases, tablecloths, greeting cards, curtains, and clothing. You can create with your own creation with this fabric.

Posted on March 23, 2019 Design Ideas

How to make pillowcases for sofa with brother sister design studio fabric?

There are a lot of cute motifs that you can use to make pillowcases for your sofa. The motifs will beautify your sofa in your living room. First, choose the cutest motif that you like. Then, prepare some tools such as, scissors, ruler, sewing needle, thread, and additional accessories like, zippers, lace, ribbons, buttons, sequins, etc. Second, create a pattern that matches with size of the pillowcases. After that, cut it and sew the fabric depends on the size. Last, add with additional accessories.

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What is the reason of people who choose brother sister fabric?

Brother sister fabric becomes more popular today. It has kinds of motifs which attract many people to buy it. The cost is affordable with variant of types. They think that it is very suitable to install in many things. This fabric can be cute accessories which beautify your room.