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The Creative Ideas For Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter wedding invitations are used by the couple will hold a wedding in the winter. This invitation is dominated by white and silver color as the symbol of the snow. It looks has more calm and elegant because it has a little bit color combination. Even so, this invitation can be made more attractive with the creative design and motif. Cold air and the feel of the snow have always been the main attraction for all the people in the world. There is a hidden beauty of each snowflake that falls on the earth. Therefore, many people use the theme of winter and snow as their wedding concept.

Designing Winter Wedding Invitations

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Before designing the invitations, you have to determine the concept first, whether to use an image of snow, the silhouette of a tree or a cute and snowman. The most commonly used is the concept of the snow symbol combined with white and sky blue. You can write your name and the location and date of marriages with the design of the sprinkles of snowflakes. On the cover of the invitation, you can apply the silhouettes of tree or Christmas tree that covered by snow. These designs will reflect the fresh and dramatic atmosphere. The light gray color can be used to give the effect of natural cool and fresh.

The Snowfall Design

Besides using the snow symbol, you can also apply the design of snowflakes that are falling from the sky. Add also poem or a beautiful string of words on the cover page to make the guests more curious of the content of the invitation. You can also roll up the invitation paper and tied it with ribbon in light blue or silver. Create a bond with a beautiful knot that looks more beautiful invitation. Some people also like to use envelopes with rather thick and sparkling textures.

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