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The Best Vintage Wedding Brooches

Wedding brooches are the complementary accessories in a wedding. This is usually made from beads are designed with the varied models and prices. Brooch that made ​​of rare materials such as sapphires, pearls and gold are usually have the expensive price. Usually, these materials are made into a brooch with glamor and glittering models. Meanwhile, brooch that made ​​of ordinary beads has cheaper price. The beauty of a brooch depends on the creativity of its designer. Although made ​​from simple material, brooches will still look expensive and luxurious if it is designed in high artistic taste.

Where wedding brooches can be worn?

15 Photos Gallery of: The Best Vintage Wedding Brooches

Large Wedding BroochesSize: 600 x 600

Wedding Brooches UkSize: 600 x 600

Wedding Cake BroochesSize: 600 x 600

Wedding Chair BroochesSize: 600 x 600

Wedding Dress BroochesSize: 600 x 600

Wedding Hair BroochesSize: 600 x 600

Brooch is minimalist accessories that can be used anywhere. You can wear it on the belt of the dress you wear. If you wear a dress with ribbon ornament on the back, you can put the ribbon brooch crease. Besides one-shoulder dress model can also apply the brooch. Put it on the center of the sleeve so that your dress more sparkling. Select the model and shape of the brooch according to your wedding theme. There are a lot of models ranging from the butterflies, flowers, diamonds, and classic carving until the goose. There is also a design with pearls mounted circular. This model is fitted on the belt you wear on the dress.

Silver Brooches

Silver brooches are the most popular types among the women. Besides its exclusive color, the model was very beautiful and elegant. Usually, this brooch uses expensive ornaments such as crystals, diamonds and gemstones. This brooch is designed with a classic style that combines traditional elements with modern color. Silver combined with diamonds in blue or pink will also be very beautiful. Any woman will surely look stunning when wearing this brooch. You can also wear a butterfly-shaped brooch on your wedding bouquet.

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