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Wedding Binder As The Best Wedding Organizer

Wedding binder is a notebook to write down all your wedding plans. Planning is the most important thing to hold a wedding. Without careful planning, your wedding will be a mess. Use a binder to record all wedding needs from its budget, date and venue, wedding invitation, guests, wedding dress, decoration of the room until the wedding reception. All of them should be as arranged as possible so that the expenses are proportional with your budget. Choose binder in funny and interesting design so that you become more exited in recording your wedding plans.

The Cute Wedding Binder

For starters, you can buy a simple binder. After that, you can modify the design of binders according to your creativity. Give full color shades in your binder to present a cheerful and happy atmosphere. Create a divider in each category of your plan. For example, distinguish between the categories of the very important things and the additional stuffs. Important things that should be given more attention is about the budget, place and date of marriage as well as the preparation of the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, the additional things for example are the honeymoon plans. Write the date and day of each plan so you are easy to remember.

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Make the Complete Arrangements

You need to underline the columns that have already done to avoid the mistakes. And do not forget to give the serial number on each event. Once there are a few categories, you can make a few points of sub categories to facilitate you in sorting out the every detail of planning. For example, in the category of wedding reception, you can make sub categories regarding decorating the room, food and beverage menu and favor that you will share to guests. Do not forget to prepare small stuffs such as guest books and the type of music that will complete your wedding.

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