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Luxurious And Trendy Vaddanam Designs

The luxurious one of Indian jewelry, vaddanam designs become one of the most popular and are very needed in the wedding ceremony in the south Indian. Women will use this in their waist. It is originally made from carat gold. It also symbolizes as the social status in the south Indian. Sometimes, women also wear this is several traditional festivals. It contains with some interesting ornaments and already becomes one of the heaviest accessories which are worn by bride.

What kinds of ornament of vaddanam designs which like by bride in India?

Vaddanam becomes one of the unique and beautiful accessories for completing an Indian bride. The original gold of vadannam makes as a magnetism of bride. There are several best ornaments which are commonly chose by the bride, such as floral, Goddess Lakshmi, peacock shaped, and other Goddess carvings. Do not forget to touch it with diamonds, cubic zircons, the natural colorful of rubies, and emeralds. They make your vaddanam looks more beautiful and great. Even though, vaddanam is very expensive, many brides still take it as their own favorite accessories.

10 Photos Gallery of: Luxurious and Trendy Vaddanam Designs

Baby Vaddanam DesignsSize: 1132 x 630

Gold Vaddanam DesignsSize: 1025 x 768

Vaddanam Belt DesignsSize: 1600 x 958

How do you choose the best vaddanam?

Before you order and buy vaddanam, it is better for you to measure your waist size in order to get the appropriate of vaddanam for your wedding. Also consider about the price, design, material and additional trinkets that will be added in your vaddanam.

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