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Use The Best Quality Of Wedding Table Linens

Wedding table linens is the type of tablecloth that is often used in wedding table. This tablecloth is made from linen fibers which have a very distinctive character. Linen is made from plant fibers. Linen usage has been applied since 6000 years ago so that it is dubbed the oldest type of fabric around the world. Before choosing the type of tablecloth, you have to pay attention to your budget. If you have more budgets, you can certainly use a linen tablecloth. Linens can make your table more elegant, luxurious and special. This type of cloth is suitable for daylight and night wedding party.

Why use linen tablecloths?

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There are so many benefits that can be provided by linen tablecloth. Besides beautiful, it can also be modified according your creative ideas. You must understand the basic shape of tablecloth first. There are four forms of the shapes; they are oval, circle, square and rectangle. If it will be used as a reception table, you should use circular table and tablecloth. This model can accommodate large numbers of people so that you can save more space in the room.

Customize Your Table Decorations

If you use a linen tablecloth, you should be careful in choosing the table accessories. Do not get the beautiful and luxurious impressions of linens are lost because of the wrong selection of dinnerware and centerpieces. You can also use linens to cover the chairs to make it look more harmonious. Customize the color and model of accessories with the design of the linen. If you use linen with lace and brocade models, you can choose the accessories filled with classic accents. However, if using linen with a simple model, choose simple accessories yet modern and elegant. Flowers should be existed as the main decoration of your table.

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