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Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Facts

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is actually not a rumor like another celebrity rumor. This is a fact, and it has been clarified by Susan herself in a talk show. She said that she has done several plastic surgeries in order to make her still beautiful and attractive so that she can still exist in the entertainment world.

What is the fact of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery?

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As explained before, Susan Sarandon does some plastic surgeries. The fact is that she does the surgery under her chin and eyes which is called as liposuction. With this surgery, the appearance of her seems younger because the wrinkles around the eyes and chin will be removed. Another fact is she does a breast augmentation to make her breasts more attractive even she has been old.

How is the before and after of Susan Sarandon’s appearance?

Before she does the plastic surgery, Susan Sarandon in her age has wrinkle around her face. Nonetheless, because of the plastic surgery she does, she looks refresh and younger than before. Besides the wrinkle in her face, the wrinkle around her chin also is also removed after the surgery. Then, her breasts which are not attractive, after the plastic surgery, Susan has an attractive breasts.

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