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Silver Sequin Dress For Woman Elegance

Silver sequin dress is a dress style from Venice which is popular at present. Sequin dress was invented in 1284 and was named zechhino. In that time, only the Nobleman wore the dress and people who don’t have position are banned. Nowadays, it is becoming popular all around the world. The dress made from silver dress and shiny beads added on it to make it looks beautiful and elegant.

When you can wear silver sequin dress?

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If you have one, it will be nice if you wear it in prom party. People will give you compliments about your dress because it is very elegant to wear it in the middle of party. Usually, a woman who wears it will look shiny because the beads reflect the lights.

How to keep your sequin dress clean?

After prom party, your dress will become dirty. If you think that impossible to wash your dress to keep it clean, you are wrong. There are ways to wash your dress without ruin it. When you are washing the dress, turn the dress in other side so the beads are not broken. If there is stain, you can use baking soda to clean it. After that, hang the dress without squish it. Never use dry machine to dry because it can damage your dress.

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