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The Lightweight Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk wedding bouquets can be used instead of the original flower bouquet. It is as beautiful as a bouquet made ​​of flowers. There are several reasons why people choose a silk bouquet. Besides it is made of very soft and beautiful fabric, it is also more durable than flowers. Although made ​​of cloth, it still looks stunning. It must exist in a wedding ceremony because there is a tradition of throwing a bouquet after the ceremony. The bride would throw the bouquet to his female relatives and friends and who gets the right bouquet is believed to be married as well. It is the long awaited tradition and can bring happiness in the wedding ceremony.

Silk Wedding Bouquets for Summer Wedding

15 Photos Gallery of: The Lightweight Silk Wedding Bouquets

For the couple who hold a wedding in the summer should choose a silk bouquet as an additional accessory. This is done because the flower bouquet usually not resistant to the change of weather. Real flowers will wilt quickly if the weather is too hot. This would make a beautiful bouquet become less attractive. Apart from the weather, real flowers fall quickly, especially if you use a series of small flowers. It will be very embarrassing if your flowers fall off before the bouquet toss is done. Therefore, choose a silk bouquet if you do not want these things happen in your wedding ceremony.


Creative Ideas on Silk Bouquet

Silk bouquets are most often used is a bouquet of white roses in a very calm and glamorous design. This bouquet is formed in a circular model with crystal embellishments on her rose petals. There is also silk flower bouquet with colorful designs. This is usually used as bouquet in outdoor wedding ceremony with the theme of the garden or beach. It is also very sweet when tied with ribbon lace in its grip.

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