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Is Selena Gomez Boob Job True?

Selena gomez boob job is a rumor that has been a hot topic among the people, especially the Hollywood lovers. Miss Gomez has been rumored to have a boob job because she felt insecure about the sexy picture of her ex-boyfriend, who is the one and only Justin Bieber, with a girl named Yovanna Ventura. Then, this rumor has been crazier after Miss Gomez shared a bikini photo on her Instagram account.

Is selena gomez boob job true?

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Well, this rumor started flying when one day she has been caught stepped out in New York City with her friends without wearing a bra. At the time, the breasts of Selene Gomez looked wider and larger. This fact makes the experts of the plastic surgeon think that Miss Gomez had the operation of breast implants. Besides, the shape of the breasts of Selena Gomez, which are fuller on the top part, makes this speculation seem to be true.

Reason why Selena Gomez have the boob job

According to a reliable source, Miss Gomez has a long list of things that she wants to do, including in improving her appearance. She thinks she needs to improve her appearance is because she feels like she sees any flaws every time she is in front of the mirror.