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Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Rustic wedding cake can be the wedding cake design for the rustic wedding theme and decoration. Although there are many options of the cake design in the rustic wedding decoration and ideas, the accent and presentation of the rustic cake design for the wedding still being a favorite. It is because the presentation is very dramatic, warm and beautiful. It is just like the accent of the rustic ideas. There is no special shape and design for this cake appearance. It is just about the presentation and decoration that looks different. Usually, this cake design will be close with the brown color as rustic style.

Rustic Wedding Cake Design

The cake design or shape may look in traditional wedding cake shape where it will have a multilevel part by pyramid shape. But the decoration will be different. There is the cake with the wood accent or skin that is applied as the edge of the cake. So, the cake will look have the wood skin. It is beautiful. It can be also by adding the fall leaves of the surface of the cake with the rustic style. Rustic style is close to nature especially for the fall characteristics like the brown wood, brown leaves and more.

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Country Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

The last is about the toppers ideas for the rustic cake. For the toppers there are many options that can be applied. It can be a chocolate that is made and decorated as dried trees or leaves, there is also just about the picture of the family home with rustic style and many more. Here, it needs the creativity to show and design. You may need the inspirations from the magazine or internet before you choose your own style and design as the toppers. The more creative, it can make the more interesting accent and feeling.

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