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The Passionate Purple Wedding Cakes

Purple wedding cakes will be more beautiful if decorated with the right ornaments. This cake is usually presented as a complement to a wedding that uses the concept of purple. Purple become the main color of the wedding dress, room decor, wedding cake, favors and wedding invitations. Why choose the purple? It is because purple has an elegant and mysterious character. Marriage with purple concept will give a very different feel than the all-white wedding. Furthermore, wedding cakes are usually in round or square shape. Ribbon and a flower ornaments must be existed on purple cake.

White and Purple Wedding Cakes

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Purple is a color that actually fit combined with any bright colors. However, on wedding cake, white become the most mismatched pair to the purple. The combination of two colors not only looks nice, but also very hypnotizing. Determine its model first, whether round or square. If it is round, you can choose a tower cake model with a rather high pile. Choose white as the basic decoration and dark purple ribbon winding. Additionally, butterfly ornament placed at the peak can also sweeten the whole cake.


Full Flower Cake Decorations

Beautiful purple cannot be separated from the role of flowers that decorate it. Although it is always identic with orchids, you can still use other types of ornamental flowers such as roses. Rose always exudes a magnificent and romantic impression. Decorate each pile with a sprinkling of purple roses on it or you can decorate the cake with tiny flowers ornament that is placed diagonally along surface of the cake. In addition, you can choose the square cake in gift box shape with purple ribbon or frosting roses on the top. Do not forget to decorate the cake with carved decoration on the whole sides. The degradation of bright to dark purple can also apply in decorating your wedding cake.

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