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Pinewood Derby Car Designs For Girl

Pinewood derby car designs can be made in the craft shop or in the crafter. The car design can be made whatever you want. Just come to the shop and ask them for helping you in designing the pinewood car. Pinewood can be made by pine wood. There are some pines woods in the world so that it will be very easier for you in making the pinewood car. There are two basics design namely for girl and for boys.

Pinewood derby car designs for girl

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There are differences between pinewood car for girl and also pinewood for boy. The basic differentiation is from the color. As we know, boy is identic with neutral color or dark color. However the pinewood for girls should be colorful. The next different is from the shape. Car for girl and car for boy is very different so that it should be in line with the gender.

What should be done in designing this pinewood car?

For the first you should make the design for the car shape. You can make it manually or by using computer software. The second, you should cut the wood as your design. After that you should color your pinewood car.

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