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Planning A Perfect Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock themed wedding is very trendy nowadays. With the pretty jewel tone shown in the unity of the palette, the theme lets everything to be seen gorgeously, royal and luxurious. A little touch of the palette here and there adds up an ultimate and rich feeling of elegance. Our tip for you is not to apply too much color of the palette for each aspect. Pick one to two tones of the palette, then, combine them with some more neutral colors. Choices are aqua, blue, cobalt, deep purple, lime green, teal, or yellow, along with bronze, gold, plumes, or silver.

Peacock Themed Wedding for Invitations and Outfits: A Very Beautiful Starter

We have rounded some collections, and here we are presenting you the best creations of peacock themed invitations. It is Etsy, the brand behind these all wonderful-looking peacock invitations. Gold and cobalt blue is our favorite combination, though a little touch of purple is going to be amazing. This peacock themed guestbook has also caught our attention. Moving on, it will be about the outfits. The bride’s dress doesn’t have to be in all bright colors. White or ivory dress with a real-or-not peacock feather accent is nice. Meanwhile, darker tones of peacock palette are bold for the broom’s boutonniere.

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A Pleasurable Wedding Theme

Now, it’s our time to talk about the major decorations, still sticking to our majestic peacock theme. Peacock themed cake decoration doesn’t have to be too detail; sometimes, simple decoration with a single accent that really is attractive is what we’ve been looking for. Balance your peacock themed cake by, for example, having a 3-tiered cake, with each color of the palette overwhelming each tier. Wrap them with a golden ribbon to look fabulous. Peacock feather-covered chair is an absolute yes. Meanwhile, insert other peacock by having a feather pen and gift box. Good luck on your peacock wedding celebration!

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