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Flawless Ombre Dresses

Ombre dresses are the new innovation of dress coloring technique. It produces a very flawless result of the coloring result. For you who found it bored with the ordinary coloring clothes, create an ombre dress would be a very great idea. You can buy the ready to wear dresses in the market or you can create it by yourself. To makeover your old boring dress into the ombre one is pretty easy. You just have to follow the following steps carefully.

DIY Ombre Dresses

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Halter Ombre DressesSize: 656 x 984

Ombre Chiffon DressSize: 600 x 861

Ombre Dress BoutiqueSize: 582 x 1008

Ombre Dress DessySize: 600 x 920

Ombre Dress DiySize: 742 x 1017

Ombre Dress EtsySize: 600 x 920

Ombre Dress FabricSize: 600 x 862

Ombre Dress FormalSize: 645 x 904

Ombre Dresses BlueSize: 750 x 915

Ombre Dresses BodyconSize: 736 x 981

Ombre Dresses CasualSize: 650 x 1000

Ombre Dresses CheapSize: 736 x 1030

Ombre Dresses EbaySize: 645 x 904

Ombre Dresses LongSize: 682 x 1056

Ombre Dresses ShortSize: 645 x 904

Ombre Dresses UkSize: 640 x 800

Ombre Lace DressesSize: 575 x 863

Ombre Mini DressSize: 600 x 900

All you need are your old dress, it will great if the color is white. Dye for coloring clothes, Bucket, hot water and salt. Pour the hot water and dye (the color of dye is up to you) then put your half dress into the color liquid. Remember, only the half of the dress. Hold another half. Wait for about 15 minutes. After that, put it up. Move into another bucket and put there, fill with cold water and add a few of salt.

One color ombre

After wait for about 30 minutes, dry it. But don’t let it be touched by the sunlight directly. Those are steps for making the do it by yourself one ombre dress color. Now you can makeover your old color and make it into the new and gorgeous dress again.

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