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The E Book Of NXT Robot Designs

NXT robot designs are for robotic and brick design. If you want the NXT robotic design kit, the site provides the free cost building instructions. The programs are downloadable for fun projects. The projects are designed for the young spirit! You just need a NXT kit required, no additional parts are necessary. The full instructions are in colored photographs. There is no program experience required! Simply, you can download the programs. If you want to learn more, just study it carefully in the commented programs. It is to learn the working, modifying, and using own programs.

NXT robot designs e-book for more comprehensive

15 Photos Gallery of: The E-book of NXT Robot Designs

Basic Nxt Robot DesignsSize: 1500 x 1125

Cool Nxt Robot DesignsSize: 1204 x 903

Lego Nxt Robot DesignsSize: 2120 x 1480

Nxt Lego Robot DesignsSize: 1500 x 1093

Nxt Robot Arm BuildingSize: 1000 x 566

Nxt Robot DesignSize: 3888 x 2592

Nxt Robot Designs ArmSize: 1024 x 768

Nxt Robot Designs SumobotSize: 3264 x 2448

Nxtprograms Robot ArmSize: 1066 x 800

For more details about the designs, you should read the book instruction version. The e-book is better than the web only. The focuses of the book are three part systems. The first, the electronic hardware is the components with brick, sensors, and motors. The second is the on-brick program features.

The e-book inside

The first impression of the e-book is in the introduction about the brick, the motors, and the sensors. The e-book has the smart ideas about the ports view of the brick. Moreover, the motors and sensors abilities are described. The drawbacks are the NXT usage ultrasonic sensors. It explains about the sensor in the Ultrasonic EV3 set. The minor mistakes like are explained too.

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