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Cute Nautical Baby Shower

Nautical baby shower theme is just the perfect one for welcoming the new captain. Okay, let any kid choose their own career later; whether or not they will find that being a marine captain is interesting or they simply will be one of the cruise pampered passengers, he will decide it later. But captain materials are one good. Though, decision making, leadership, and respectable. Introducing kids to these valuable characters can be done since really early, including trough a cute nautical shower.

Blue Nautical Baby Shower

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Nautical Baby Shower CakeSize: 1089 x 1600

Nautical Baby ShowerSize: 1024 x 677

Blue is everywhere, and there may be a boat or ship miniature at the corner, or may be as the baby shower co-star; the baby shower cake. Every boat or ship will have their challenging journey ahead; as oceans get sometimes bumpy but more often make happy. So will the kids, life is waiting for them to be explored.

Nautical Cute Dress

Since this is a baby shower, no room for sentimental, and thank to the blue since it makes everything look cute and turns everyone happy. Nautical themed dresses know how to dress baby beautifully. Or, if you are one who celebrates baby shower before you give birth, simply wear these cute dresses with your spouse.

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Choosing Baby Shower Souvenirs

Baby shower souvenirs may be the latest thing to come, but often are the most expected. People want to bring home a part of the moment, and nothing can come in a more realistic version than a souvenir.

Choosing Baby Shower Souvenirs

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Clearly, there are no souvenirs that made accidentally. Every souvenirs maker looks for inspiration, design and creates souvenirs with heart. Especially when it is about baby shower, the souvenirs do really represent the baby; have a really powerful cute effect, simply can’t be reject. Okay, skip a bit that cute blown-away, narrow down your choices now. First, choose those that are match with your budget. Second, choose those that you think would best represent your baby. Do not wish for your baby girl to be a princess obsesses? Clearly do not make those princess themed stuffs as souvenirs.

DIY Shower Souvenirs

Things may be designed in custom, but the best ones are always those that come from your hands.  Look for opportunity to DIY your baby souvenirs, and everyone will get the touch. A cute thing as part of memory, a gift from a friend or maybe stuff to remind? Do not look for the reason; just do not forget the cute souvenirs.

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