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Mariah Carey Boob Job: After The Surgery

Mariah Carey Boob Job has become a gossip in America. As a singer, song writer, and also an actress, Mariah Carey needs refresh her appearance. Then, with breast augmentation plastic surgery, Mariah Carey has bigger breasts than before.

What is the gossip of Mariah Carey boob job?

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In her first marriage, Mariah Carey’s breasts look natural. Then, after her second marriage, several people have noticed that there is a change in her breasts. They expect that Mariah Carey has done a plastic surgery for her breasts. However, Moreover, after she has children, the difference looks clearly. Her breasts look bigger than before. She denies about the rumor. According to her, her breasts look bigger since it is the effect after giving birth and breastfeeding.

How is her appearance after the boob job?

Different from the past, now, Mariah Carey has bigger breasts than before. Even though she denies about the boob job, but many people still think that she has done the plastic surgery. It caused by the arguments Mariah Carey given is not strong. If it is the effect of giving birth and breastfeeding, her breasts should be a normal size again. Nonetheless, the fact is she still has big and unnatural breasts.

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