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Is Lea Michele Nose Job True?

lea michele nose job is great topic to discuss, especially for her big fans. This particular topic has become hotter and hotter when Lea Michele has something a little bit different on her face, particularly on her nose. Since then, there are so many questions from the people whether the rumor is true or not.

Is lea michele nose job rumor true?

9 Photos Gallery of: Is Lea Michele Nose Job True?

Lea Michele Nose Job 181Size: 1000 x 1422

Lea Michele Nose Job 190Size: 968 x 1290

Lea Michele Nose Job 341Size: 1815 x 1380

Lea Michele Nose Job 439Size: 718 x 1024

Lea Michele Nose Job 829Size: 968 x 1290

Lea Michele Nose Job 871Size: 2197 x 1463

Lea Michele Nose Job 874Size: 802 x 1000

Lea Michele Nose Job 980Size: 1280 x 1024

According to the beautiful “Cannon Ball” singer, she stated that she never had a nose job. She admitted that a manager asked her to get a nose job as to make him work with her, but she never made it. The only thing that makes her nose look different is that when she was a teenager, she had an acne problem that influenced the look of her nose. Now, the acne problem is gone, so it is the time her nose will never look changes anymore.

The thought of Lea Michele about the nose job she never did

Recently, Lea Michele has admitted that she never feels regret because of the decision she took in past about the nose job probability. She also added that she is so grateful because she rather listened to what her mother said to not get a nose job. So then, now she can love her own self so perfectly.

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