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The Sacred Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Jewish wedding ceremony is a sacred event binding of two human beings. There are two important events in this ceremony; they are the engagement and the wedding event. Engagement in Jewish tradition involves a premarital agreement that covers the price to be paid by the groom to the bride’s family. As a symbol of the agreement, the bride and groom will drink wine from a special cup. After the ceremony, the groom will come again after twelve months to marry the bride. After twelve months, the groom will pick the bride to the big wedding party that held at his house.

The Ring on Jewish Wedding Ceremony

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In Jewish wedding, the ring is very important and has a very high religious value. Therefore, in this marriage, the moment of mounting the rings is the most sacred of the whole event. In contrast to the tradition of general marriage, Jewish wedding choose the index finger as a finger that will be fitted wedding ring. The Jewish people believe that index finger is directly related to the heart. This means that the bride will be directly connected to each other while wearing the wedding ring. Furthermore, the marriage party will be held for 7 days. Along the way, the bride has to hide in a room and not allowed out of the room.

The Unique Jewish Wedding

Jewish wedding is one of the unique weddings in the world. In orthodox Jewish wedding, groom wear clothing typical Jewish ceremony. They also wear headgear that covers the central part of the head or large round headgear. While, women wear veils that cover the whole face so that no one can see her face until the groom opens it. As for more modern ceremony, the groom wears a suit and small headgear, and women wear dress like the bride in other traditions.

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