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Jewish Wedding Ceremony Details Of Tradition

Some people might not be that familiar about Jewish wedding ceremony, but there are more about the tradition of Jewish wedding comes with meaningful ritual that we need to know. Following explanation will tell you more about this wedding ceremony. There are terms that come with different meaning in different order. For example, KabbalatPanim is the term that you can find in Jewish wedding which is a custom in which the chatan and kallah are not allowed to see each other in a week before the wedding. This is an example of one of more terms in Jewish wedding that will be very essential in Jewish wedding.

Further Description of Jewish Wedding Ceremony

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There are many terms that come in Jewish wedding that comes with very deep ritual. That example above is just one of more terms in Jewish wedding that comes with deep meaning that will make a Jewish wedding is meaningful. That term above is the preceding step before Badeken. This is the step in which the kallah is masked by the chatan. In this step, the veil is the symbol of the modesty. It is also the symbol that inspired by the moment when Rebecca that covered her face before the marriage with Isaac.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order Detail

Other than those steps above, you will also find further step of Jewish wedding that comes with order. It is because Jewish wedding comes with a sequence in which each step comes with specific meaning such as the Ufruf that known as the ceremony before the wedding that arranged for the groom. This is the step in which the groom needs to involve in the service in the synagogue. Other than this step, the next order is the fasting on the wedding day. It is meant to cleanse the bride and the groom from their sins.