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The Rumor Of Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery is one of the rumors of celebrity. This actress who is first know in the series ABC: Two Guys, A girl, and a Pizza Place, is rumored having been doing a plastic surgery. For the more explanation, there is information as below.

What is the rumor about Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery?

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Jennifer Westfeldt, in one event, looks so different. In her 40s ages, it is normal if there should be a wrinkle in her face. Nonetheless, she looks different. She is still beautiful without any wrinkle in her face. Indeed, it makes many people wondering about it. Then, because she has not given any clarification about the rumor, many people expect her doing a plastic surgery.

What is the difference of the Jennifer Westfeldt’s face?

Before doing a plastic surgery, Jennifer Westfeldt has a thin cheek. However, now, her cheeks are looked different. The cheeks are like a chipmunk cheeks. When she is smiling, the difference is clear enough. Besides, the skin is also lighter and smoother than before. Also, there is no wrinkle in her face at all, but if we see her in the previous year, there is several wrinkles shown in her face.

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