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The Exuberant Of Indian Wedding Favors

Indian Wedding favors are small token given from the bride and the groom as the appreciation of the guests blessing toward the bride and the groom in Indian style. The tradition of this wedding favors track from the European aristocrats. It was known as bonbonniere. This is kind of small box ornament with crystal, porcelain, and valuable stones. It fills with sugar and fine textured confection as the symbol of wealth and royalty. Every country have different ideas about wedding favors it depends on its culture, in India, the wedding favors are sachet of flower petal, tea wedding favors, golden lac box and the most famous one is hand crafted elephant.


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Things Which Makes Elephant Becomes Indian Wedding Favors


When we think about Indian marriage we think about the lively celebration with a lot of symbolism. One of the most famous Indian wedding symbolisms is elephant. This animal symbolize strength, power, long life, wisdom, patience, energy and good fortune, the bride and groom want to share those in the shape of elephant wedding favors. Moreover, elephant can interpret the marriage celebration brilliantly. First, elephant is a sacred animal so that marriage is also sacred celebration. Second, elephant as the symbol of wisdom, loyalty and longevity, it represents the qualities of marriage. Third, this is also as the symbol of good luck and good fortune as in our marriage we need those two things.


Kind of Elephant Wedding Favors


There are a lot of variations of this typical wedding favors. It can be elephant place card holder made from silver or made of wood. It can be something like majestic elephant keyring or edible elephant made from chocolate. Elephant candle holder made from ivory finish is kind of this wedding favors too. The last but not least is elephant metal bookmark this wedding favors also has such function elephant card holder.

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