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50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: It’s All About Gold

50th wedding anniversary party ideas are the things you shall look for before finally create a celebration part, but let us congratulate you first for having a miraculous marriage life so far! Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! You are now entering what we call as the golden age of marriage life. It has been easy to go through all the ups and downs, but you and your spouse finally make it to your two’s 50th anniversary. Here are some great ideas for you to decorate your soon celebration party. Our main clue is the color gold representing the moment.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Golden Everywhere

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Turning 50 for your marriage life is identically linked to gold. To match the moment and overall party theme of yours, let’s splash lots of gold! You don’t have to be afraid for the monotone scheme you are afraid of; with your clever arrangement, your party will be just memorable. Our idea is to make anything gold, be it your outfits, the table clothing, room decorations, and gifts for the guests. Silky golden dress with softer tone and dark ivory tuxedo are adorable for you two. Our other recommendations of color are violet flowers and topaz centerpieces, balloons and gifts.

Special Ideas on Your Wedding Anniversary

You don’t have to force yourself holding a celebration party if you want to keep anything simple. The most important thing is to share same happiness with your loved one, right? Our simplest idea to still celebrate your golden moment is to have a candle-light dinner at home and another date. Still, to commemorate your golden marriage completely, you can a set of golden tablecloth, red roses and gold-looking candles. To wrap the simple celebration, toast one another golden-colored wine like Chardonnay. Lastly, going on a picnic, movie, or dancing to your favorite CDs are lovely, still. Once again, congratulations!

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