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The Antique Beauty Of Filigree Wedding Band

Filigree wedding band is kind of antique wedding band which has geometric pattern and floral cutwork. This antique wedding band exists in the third century in Greek. The antiqueness of this wedding band give such timeless accent include elegant and sophistication. This Filigree is also known as Edwardian ring because it made its debut during the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910).


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The History Filigree Wedding Band


The style of this wedding band influenced by the style of the very Late-Victorian Era, it is because jewelry during this era has a look of sophistication and elegance. Color gemstone and diamond become popular. The setting and the cut of both gemstone and diamond upgrade into next level. The most popular filigree band is clustering ring with a central diamond surround by colorful pearls or gemstones. Another popular band is flower-like style. It is because the appreciation and the love of Queen Alexandra toward flower. The influence of art nouveau’s circular line and swirls can be seen on some designs of this band.


Designs of Wedding Band of Filigree


Luxurious and antique are the other names of this wedding band. It is also offers variety of designs which are so sophisticated and elegant. Filigree and diamond antique style wedding band expose diamond and migrating with fancy cutwork. It has total fifty two round diamonds cut which create the sparkling effect to the bride. It made from 18k white gold with beaded scroll work which accent intricate look. Filigree and diamond wedding band, this wedding band is made by the inspiration of princessy ring. Made from 18k white gold this wedding band has filigree swirls and milgraning. The last but not least is Edwardian two stones antique ring with sapphires. This kind of wedding ring has beautiful floral and bow motif. Two matching hexagonal sapphires come to the center of the band side by side. In fact, there is still a lot design of this filigree band for wedding. This is only three of them.

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