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Duct Tape Wallet Designs For The Woman

Duct tape wallet designs are the tape which can be used to cover your wallet. What does it means? It means that if you do not like your tape wallet of yours, this can be used to cover your wallet. There are some designs of the tape wallet that can be used. However you can choose one of the motifs to be applied.

Duct tape wallet designs for the Woman

As people know, the woman is identic with the color. What does it means? It means that when the wallet is for the woman, there will be some colors that can be used. In other word, the wallet should be colorful. Beside that when it is for the woman, it should be more girly than it should be. That will be very cute wallet.

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Motif of the tape wallet

There are some motifs that can be used for the tape wallet as mentioned before. This means that many girly motifs like flower for example that can be used on your wallet. Beside that when the woman likes the cartoon that can be used also. This based on your need and want in choosing the tape wallet. Glad to hear that you can change your tape.

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