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Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery: Worst Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace plastic surgery is one of the worst plastic surgery. Versace have the worst surgery. There are no people who know why Versace got the worst surgery. However most people speculate that she did many surgeries then her skin could not have treated like that anymore. She did the plastic surgery since 1990. This was very long time ago. Many celebrities got the worst surgery except Versace.

The Other Worst of Donatella Versace plastic surgery

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As stated above, there are many celebrities who got bad plastic surgery except Donatello Versace. For the first is Jocelyn Wildeinstein. She did plastic surgery since 1997. She did many surgery treatments on her face. However, she was not a lucky girl. Her face became weird. She added cheek implants and some facelifts. This is not good news for her.

What kind of plastic surgery which has been done by celebrities?

There are some kinds of plastic surgery. For the first celebrity usually do the facelift. This is the plastic surgery which is done by celebrity. For the second celebrity usually do the Botox. They want to be looked younger so that they need to do Botox plastic surgery. That’s all about plastic surgery in celebrity.