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Royal Nuance In Your Disney Wedding Invitations

Disney wedding invitations can be made in cute design as well as the other invitation concepts. You can use its cartoons or fairy tales such as Disney Princess as your inspiration of wedding cards. Everyone knows that wedding invitations can be successful factor in a wedding ceremony. By creating an attractive wedding invitation, the guests will be more curious and interested to come to your wedding.

How does the Concept of Disney Wedding Invitations?

If you want to show the feminine impression, you can apply the concept of Disney princesses on your invitation design. Apply the concept of calm and elegant Cinderella by combining the elements of white, blue and light blue. Do not need to give a picture of Cinderella on the cover; you only need to give the feel of a fairy tale royal in the blends of color and engraved designs. These things have been highly reflects what concept that you apply in. Besides Cinderella, you can also apply the silhouette of Princess Aurora, Ariel or Jasmine on the cover of the invitation with ribbon as its binder. Add the words “happily ever after” at the end of the invitation.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Theme

Mickey and Minnie can also be used as the cute and unique concept of an invitation. As we know, Mickey Mouse is the main icon as the symbol of Disney Productions. The concept of kissing Mickey and Mini on the cover includes your name and your partner will make the invitations look more romantic. Remember that the real invitations are preferable than online that can spread through social media such as email or Facebook. This is because the real ones have the deep meaning and high artistic value. In addition, guests will also feel more respected and will be happy to attend your wedding.

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