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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers – Personalize The Couple Figure

Custom wedding cake toppers are made for you who want to hold memorable wedding ceremonial. Since wedding is a word that really sacred for the groom and the bride. By this word, their love is declared and tied to be as one in sacred promise. Besides of wedding ring that is important in wedding ceremonial, there is also another component that cannot be resisted while celebrating the wedding ceremony after blessing time which is wedding cake. Nowadays, wedding cake is made in innovative and creative design. One of them is creating toppers. The toppers are made resemble with the couple character to personalize each figure. Thus, your wedding cake will be more special and your wedding cake cutting moment becomes more memorable.

Tips in Making Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

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To make your wedding cake to be more memorable and special, you have to order your topper character far days before the wedding day, at least 2 weeks before the day. You can make any character you want based on your taste with any poses you want. The professional wedding cake topperwill grant your wish to make unique topper for your wedding ceremonial from head to toe. Moreover, the professional will make the character topper similar with your order based on your photo and make the topper match with your wedding theme.

Samples of Cake Toppers

To give you some detail description, here we go some samples of wedding cake toppers you can choose. The first is beach cake toppers, this topper uses beach as the main theme and personalized the groom totes the bride over the sand. To get this topper you can pay $159.95. The other one is game over cake toppers, it personalize the couple who play game, the groom is lying on the floor and leaning on the bride’s leg, while the bride wears beautiful white wedding dress and stands while holding roses. Get this ready topper with $174.95.

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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers That Look Beautifully Personalized

Cake topper is the detail on your cake that will be the focal point that you need custom wedding cake toppers to make it look exclusive with personalized custom design. This is the detail that you need to prepare if you want something different for your wedding. With more choices available for wedding cake, you will find specific design that make a wedding cake look stunning with amazing design of cake topper such as the figurines or some other personalized details that will look different for your wedding cake.

Possible Designs of Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

15 Photos Gallery of: Custom Wedding Cake Toppers that Look Beautifully Personalized

Wedding Cake Toppers ArmySize: 1500 x 1125

Wedding Cake Toppers DiySize: 858 x 1173

The cake topper for your wedding cake that designed as custom topper will personalize your wedding cake in a different way. The first option that you can find for a custom wedding cake topper is the design of cake topper doll. The doll that can be designed according to groom and bride will be a beautiful cake topper that you can have for a wedding cake. You will also find that some of those stores are already available with gorgeous poses for a wedding topper in which you can easily personalize the doll with your face. This is the idea that will make your wedding cake look more beautiful.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for a Stunning Wedding Cake

With those wedding cake toppers that prepared to look beautiful with custom detail, you will also have a unique touch that makes it look exclusive as well. My Memory Dolls is one of those places where you can get custom wedding topper in a doll. This is the idea of custom cake topper that will look amazing for your wedding cake. With specific option available at this place, you will be able to order your custom wedding topper in various designs.

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