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The Meaning Of Cool Eye Black Designs

Cool eye black designs will help you in term of cosmetics and function. Maybe you ever had a question inside your brain after watching a football game, what is that the black painting exactly under the eyes of the players? They call it eye black as the black painting is applied on your skin.

What are cool eye black designs

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The eye black is used to reduce the sun glare and as war mask.

When you were standing in the field under the shiny sun then there are any possibilities you have sun glare while trying to see the 100mph of flying ball. This glare will reduce the ability of the player to take identification of the ball. This distraction will make the payers are unable to play maximum. Then they put black painting under the eyes to reduce the glare effect, as the black color absorbs light.

Black designs for war

The eye black is also used as war painting. Most warriors throughout the world have painted their face or body to scare the enemy. As myth spread they are trying to imply the appearance of demons or gods by the facial painting and armors. Before warriors have body contact fighting they have to face the mental fighting. This eye black gives advantages.

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