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Tips To Choose Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Wedding reception food ideas are the things that should be considered carefully by the couple brides. Besides room and table decorations, the taste of foods will also greatly affect the success of your reception party. Choose healthy foods that fit with your budget. The menus should consist of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Three sets of the menu should be managed as match as possible. Most dishes at wedding reception party are always monotonous and less tempting. You have to create unique and different new food creation ideas than the usual dishes to make guests getting impressed. Do not let your wedding reception to be flat and boring because of the bad food.

The Menu of Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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The theme of menu should be adjusted with the majority of guests and the venue of wedding reception. Choose snacks for appetizer such as pieces of fruit or crackers. Appetizer is only to warm up before eating the main dishes. It is also to arouse the appetite of all the guests. Do not ever bring heavy dishes such as steak or lasagna for appetizers. These foods are used as the only main course. Also, choose a simple main course in a normal portion. There are some people who bring main course in very big portion. For dessert choose something sweet like cupcakes, brownies, or cookies. Do not forget to make these foods in a unique and teasing looks.

Do not forget about the Drinks

It is better to not provide beverage that contain alcohol because this will ruin the elegance of your wedding. There may be some guests who do not like alcohol in their daily menu. But if you still want a touch of alcohol, limit only on wine. You should also provide soft drinks like smoothies or fresh lemon juice.

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