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Perfect Cake Toppers For Weddings

Cake toppers for weddings are also important to decorate the wedding cake. The cake that has toppers will seem more elegant and romantic. It is interesting to have a wedding cake with couple statue on the top of the cake. It is also gorgeous so it will make your memorable party more amazing.

Unique and romantic cake toppers for wedding

14 Photos Gallery of: Perfect Cake Toppers for Weddings

You can order romantic cake topper. For example, you may order the cake topper which can figure love of the couple. The topper can be a couple who are kissing. Otherwise, the topper can be a couple who are hugging. Also, the topper can be a couple who are dancing. It will be make the situation more romantic. If you want to have a unique topper, you can apply the topper which describes the act of the couple in funny way. The topper should describe the gown of the wedding bride.

How to choose wedding cake topper

You have to choose the cake which is appropriate with your budget. It will save your money to buy other things in the wedding party. Also, you are able to choose interesting cake. You may choose a cake which has cake topper and other decorations. It will make the wedding cake more fascinating.

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Cute And Romantic Touch Of Cake Toppers For Weddings

Cake toppers for weddings are creative wedding cake creation which can be memorable cake in holding a wedding party. Holding a wedding party will not be complete without wedding cake. Wedding cake is a kind of a must that make wedding to be festive. This is also one of unforgettable menu of wedding party, moreover ceremonial of cutting wedding cake to be awaited case. There are lots of models and design of wedding cake, the concept of cake is usually made by the couple to show their love and represent their characteristic. The topper of cake is made resemble with the couple which is placed over the cake.

Memorable Wedding with Cake Topper for Wedding

15 Photos Gallery of: Cute and Romantic Touch of Cake Toppers for Weddings

This is one of a kind wedding cake ever, since it reflected the romance of the couple. Your perfect moment will be more perfect while seeing your character stand on the cake nicely. Besides of that, your character which is made to be topper will look really cute with any actions you do. The most widely made of topper is bride and groom toper with cute expression using wedding dress and wedding suit. However, you have to remember that making wedding cake is not only about the cute topper but also the taste of the cake, since it will be enjoyed by the guests. Meanwhile, making cake topperis not as simple as usual tart cake, it needs some complex design. Therefore you have to order the cake long before the day, at least two weeks earlier.


Sample of Couple Cake Topper

As the sample of cute and romance weddings cake topper, here is a character coupe design. It is named balloon wedding cake topper design with leaning for a kiss. This is really cute where the couple goes forward to kiss each other. The bride wears beautiful wedding gown and hold a balloon on the back. Dimensions is 18cm w x 6 cm d x14xm h. Get this cute topper with $49.98 USD.

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