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Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery : A Decision That She Regrets Now

brooke burke plastic surgery is a rumor that has been known well by the people. It is because Brooke Burke has had a cosmetic surgery, which was the breast implants, since she was twenties. Then, she also has had a plastic surgery to have smaller ones in the following years. It has become something usual for her to be rumored of having a plastic surgery.

brooke burke plastic surgery: a decision that she regrets now

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Even though she has had a plastic surgery in her life, but she recently admitted that she regrets her previous decision about plastic surgery. She realizes that having a plastic surgery is something so scary which can change you to be someone who looks unrealistic and unnatural. She found the scary fact about plastic surgery during her marriage with the plastic surgeon.

How does she maintain her youthfulness now?

She has revealed that the only things she needs to do to maintain her youthfulness are a healthy diet and good physical exercises. She has done a Mediterranean diet, which full of vegetables and fish, and routine physical exercises for years to look youthful. Even she has released a DVD of fitness to convince the people that her youthful look is the result of the fitness that she does.

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