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The Bent Brick Mailbox Designs

Brick mailbox designs from the pro brick will help your design for the mailbox. It is the best to meet your need and the budget. Even, the basic brick mailbox can be look handsome add your landscape. You may consider the several factors relate to the style, quality, and function. To design the brick mailbox, you can consider the optional features. It is to enhance the personality.

The arched brick mailbox designs

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The first is the arched top. It is a round shape. On the top, it may be the best. It is usually designed as a compliment. The brick is matched with the arched entrance and windows on your home. It is a standard arch. The mailbox is a semi-circle shaped. It is made by the saw and pie brick in the range. The exactitude brick are made by the diamond-tipped brickwork saw and the allowance. Evenly, space is a mortar joint. The brick design is from the most professional planer.

The good quality brick only

Remember, the fixed brick has fine cut detail for mailbox by the standard arch. The bad-quality arches are not used. There is much compliment arch as a semi-circle shape. It is like your guess eyebrow! The mailbox has an eyebrow arch at the tops beautifully.

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