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Water Bottle Rocket Designs

Bottle rocket designs are very unique. Many people make the rocket bottle with various designs. One of them is the design of water bottle rocket. It uses the water as the content of the bottle rocket. It has a specific function. For example, it is for a reaction mass. Then, it is also made from the bottle which is soft drink plastics. Moreover, a pressurized gas has an effort to move the water.

What Materials to Make Water Bottle Rocket Designs?

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Bottle Rocket DesignSize: 649 x 902

Bottle Rocket Fin DesignsSize: 2304 x 1728

Bottle Rockets DesignsSize: 1200 x 1800

First, you have to prepare two soda bottles. It is about 2 liters. Get the papers. These papers are crucial for the water bottle rocket to make it interesting. Get water and a ball of tennis. String also helps you. Next, you also will need a garbage bag, a glue gun, a scissor, a tape, a shoe box.

How to Make Water Bottle Rocket?

You have to make sure that the soda bottle is clean. Cut the bottom of soda bottle. Form triangles shape and wings with the shoe box and the scissor. Close the wings onto the bottle by using the glue. Make a parachute design by using garbage bag. Take the string around perimeter. Take papers to make a cone on the top of bottle. Last, fill the bottle with water.

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