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Making Your Own Basketball Shirt Designs

Basketball shirt designs are important for basket ball team. Why it is important is because every people need identities, this case also done in basket ball team. How people call your team when your team has no identity in the field? How the fans or cheerleaders will support you when they cannot identify you in the middle of battle? Or how even you pass the ball to make any score when you can see whether friends or foes?

Things to remember for basketball shirt designs

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Basketball Shirts DesignsSize: 1067 x 1600

Basketball T Shirt DesignSize: 1922 x 2534

Designing basketball shirts is not like designing a gown you have to deliver your message clearly and express your team spirit. The shirt uniforms been held as identification the players position and name. Regarded to the function you have to consider the name and team printing fonts.

The color and drawing basketball shirt

The colors and lines must be representing the team spirit. Most people use red to express their energetic spirit or you can use yellow or even black. The combination of colors and drawings also can be done in the shirt uniforms. You can use animated drawing just like bees or hedgehog as the example. The uniform also can increase the fighting spirit of your team and weaken enemy’s spirit.

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