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Barn Wedding Venues With Country Themes

Barn wedding venues is creative idea to display the classic impression of your wedding. This marriage uses barn as the main venue for the wedding reception party. Barn which we know as dirty and dusty warehouse can be transformed into a romantic wedding with a captivating vintage style. This concept usually applies brown color for basic decoration. Brown is known as vintage color that very close to nature. By using the concept of barn wedding, you will feel like in another dimension that away from modern lifestyle.

The Decoration of Barn Wedding Venues

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Before doing the decorating, first select the location of barn that you will use as a wedding venue, whether in mountainous areas or rural areas far from the city. Then just think what kind of decorations you want to apply. There are some tips that you can do to decorate the barn to become a magnificent and outstanding wedding venue. First, you have to paint the entire room with the sweet brown. Second, use a series of small lights mounted around the entire ceiling room. You can also use lanterns as an alternative lighting to show the more classic shades. The wood floor will make the air in the room was getting warm and cozy.

Arrange the Layout of Furniture

Barn usually is a wide room with an elongated shape. If you choose a barn which has large windows, you should use the curtains on the windows to make it look more beautiful. The curtains can be tied with large ribbons of soft silk or satin. Choose the color of curtains that matches with the decoration of the room. You can put a coffee table with a circular or square position so that there is an empty space in the middle that can be used as a place to dance.