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The Balsa Wood Bridge Designs For Engineering Class

Balsa wood bridge designs have the instructions to make the set the bridge designs.  The written will teach about the designs and constructions. The bridge must be made by a balsa wood. The activity is a fun. The fascinating project will interest you for hours.  It is also match for high school or engineering classes. You will have similar projects like that.

The school and individual purpose of balsa wood bridge designs

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Remember the singles building for the high school activities and projects. The designs do not have the specific projects. For example, the string height and bridge length are okay. For the individuals, the main concept is the truss bridge design and the way to put the bridge composed.

The design projection

The supplies to do the projects are the following. The first, you must prepare the wood as the main material. It means the ¼ X ¼ inch of balsa wood. The wood has to be balsa, since the wood is easy to construct and sturdy.  The project uses five of 3 feet long balsa wood sticks. You can buy the sticks or making from the balsa tree by yourself. Take the hot glue or hot glue gun to patch the wood. The alternative is the wood glue. However, the hot glue gun is extremely recommended since it can dry much faster.  You need one of the 18 inches ruler and Xacto knife. For a precise cut, the cutting board is the choice. The pencil is the little thing but it is necessity to mark measurements.

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