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The Use Of Backward Design

Backward design is a designed curriculum method which is very effective to use by the school since it can make the learning in the class feels like fun class. This kind of curriculum method usually has three steps which are usually used before choose assessment and also instructional method in the school.

What are the three steps that the school must consider when choosing backward design?

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Backwards Design ModelSize: 728 x 942

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It just like mentioned before that there are three steps that the school needs to consider when the school uses this curriculum design. First; the school needs to identify the result that the school wants to achieve. Second; the school needs to determine the evidence of the achievement. Third; the school needs to design some activities that can make the achievement become true.

Is this curriculum design can help the student achievement on the class? 

This kind of curriculum design is absolutely can improve student achievement in the class since it also considers about the activities that the student needs to do in the class. The class also will seem more fun which can make the student feel happy to learn in the class. The student will more active to do the class activity when the school uses this curriculum design.